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The GQ 2024 Home Awards

“It’s an exciting time to be outfitting your home, thanks to a wave of new DTC brands democratizing the art of good design, and a glut of smaller makers that are injecting fun and play into traditional types of furniture and décor: some invisible wheels here, some mismatched woods there, and a whole bunch of curvy, colorful silhouettes to loosen up the contours of your design scheme. For this year’s GQ Home Awards, we surveilled the landscape of newish furniture, accessories, and gadgets and drew up a short list of covetables to add to your mental registry of stuff you might not need but absolutely want—from whimsical dinnerware sets to sculptural paper lamps, MoMA-worthy plant accessories, and a wild, speaker-equipped bidet that not even the Bladerunner guys could have foreseen.

As always, we sought to sit on, sip from, and test out as many things in person as we possibly could. We nerded out over folding cookware, thumbed over artful towels, and plopped ourselves on couches, then filled in the gaps with new and notables that are fine-tuning our sound systems, making showerheads actually kind of cool, and turning our home offices into futuristic spaceships. Let this be your spiritual guide on how to freak your interiors.”

We are honored to have our handmade wooden Les Trois Napkin Holder included in great company on this incredible list!



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