Visual feast starring the most important food groups today: hot dogs + vino c/o @ianshiver
A weekend treat made sweeter with these custom linens we designed in collaboration with our friend and amazing Chef Ashley Fahr with @lacuisine.co. These rich denim chambray napkins fit right at home in La Cuisine's beautiful and fully equipped kitchen, meeting, and event space designed to foster creativity, community, and growth. Bon Appétit!
Is it Aperol Spritz o'clock yet? c/o @elledecor
WOMEN'S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS. As an 100% female team at AS we are devastated, heartbroken and fired up to protect the right to control our own bodies. We will be marching, donating and shouting from the rooftops. Our friends at @laundryroomstudios_ are donating $50 from each sale of this print directly to @plannedparenthood. See link in bio to donate to this incredible organization along with us. Order fries, demand justice, repeat.
The table runner of your dreams just arrived at the station with our Conductor Stripe Runner and matching Cocktail Napkins! We paired strong stripes with a continuous rainbow edging of noir, yellow, green and blue, to create an effortlessly sleek + modern foundation for your tabletop. First stop: best dinner party ever ⚡
🍋 💛 🌼 c/o @HenryBourne
Bring eternal sunshine to your table with our Sunshine Oilcloth Tablecloth. SPF 100 not included. 🌞
May your Tuesday be like the Grapefruit - juicy, semi-sweet, and pairs extremely well with a cocktail 💦 c/o pepperartists
*Le Sigh* That moment right before the food is served and glasses are clinked ✨ Effortless entertaining shot of our Mix-and-Match Chroma Napkins designed exclusively for Food52. Dreamy photography by @tymecham
Vitamin D, good company + long weekend vibes on repeat 🌞 c/o @only.classic_
“Ah yes, we’ll take an order of Summer please and can you make it GF with a side of good vibes only?” Snack inspo c/o @neontalk
*googles the next available flight* 🏖 travel inspo c/o @idreamofkelly
🌸 on the brain c/o @doan_ly