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Martha Stewart Living | July/August 2020

“The tables have turned: Cloth napkins, once reserved for special occasions, are now an eco everyday item at home. Better yet, the chic offerings from Atelier Saucier are sustainable from the start. Cofounders Staci Inspektor and Nikki Reed use high-quality surplus fabrics from fashion companies—denim, chambray, linen, and cotton—that would otherwise get thrown out. “We’re not milling anything new,” says Inspektor, who was previously a clothing designer. Every napkin, placemat, tea towel, and runner Atelier Saucier produces is carefully vetted. “Whenever we source a fabric, we do the ‘lip’ test to make sure it feels nice,” says Inspektor.

Adds Reed, a restaurant consultant, “Our approach is Diana Vreeland meets Julia Child. The pieces are pretty and elevated, but if you spill wine on them, it’s okay; just toss them in the wash!” Put them out for any meal, be it a weekday breakfast or weekend feast. Like your favorite shirt, they only get softer and better with age.”

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