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Lazy Bear was born in 2009 as a hobby for Chef David Barzelay, when he started hosting dinner parties in his apartment. For several years he built a following and honed in on his vision and cuisine in a secret San Francisco warehouse. In 2014, Lazy Bear moved into a permanent space in the Mission District. In its first year of eligibility, Lazy Bear was awarded a Michelin Star, and the following year was upgraded to two Michelin stars. Chef David was named a Best New Chef by Food & Wine Magazine in 2016.

Lazy Bear’s cuisine centers around nostalgia and a reverence for the wild, utilizing a wide variety of preservation methods and inventive techniques. Its communal dining format, uniquely social among fine dining restaurants, makes Lazy Bear an essential dining experience.

The Lazy Bear team had a clear vision when we began the design process to create their bold yet textural linens. Our Japanese Chambray lays the foundation, while the signature Lazy Bear ‘red’ strongly holds the edges together with a classic baby hem.

If you are in San Francisco and can grab a ticket (their reservations take the form of tickets) to one of their infamous dinners, you are in for a real treat – their warm and welcoming hospitality, makes Lazy Bear an exciting and essential San Francisco experience!



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