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How did you get started in the glassware industry? 
We started in 2019 with introducing our Estelle Colored Glass brand to the marketplace.  

Where do you find inspiration?
I was inspired by the experiences I had visiting antiquing stores with my paternal grandmother, Estelle (the namesake for the brand)  These trips introduced me to colored glass and started my love for the pieces.

Advice for those with aspirations to get into your line of work?
Creative work should be driven by passion.  Start with a passion.

Fav party trick? (Aka what's your secret sauce hosting tip?).
Beforehand preparation and planning is the secret sauce from my perspective.

Dream dinner guest?
A mixed group of ordinary people telling interesting stories and sharing authentic life events makes for the best gatherings.

Five items you always have in your kitchen?
Seasonal fruit and veggies (preferably locally grown), great knives, cast iron cookware, Italian seasoning (goes great on lots of things) and garlic.

Is there an experience you've had in your careers that you are most proud of?
I am proud of building the Estelle brand from scratch and  being able to merge my legal career and new creative career in one.

Describe your brand/brand ethos in three words.
Creating Happy Memories.

Your last google search.
Designer tights with a red dress (I am getting ready for our holiday campaign that I need to take a photo for next week)

What are some upcoming projects you are excited about? 
We are excited about celebrating our 5th brand birthday in 2024 with exciting events.

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