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How did you get started in the events industry? 
A high school boyfriend thought hospitality was my calling… and so we ran away to Vegas together to check out the hotels and restaurants. I had never “broken the rules” so this did not go over well with my parents.  That being said, it did begin a wonderful career! 

Where do you find inspiration?
In my travels.  The architecture, history and art.  Also I find inspiration in people and hearing what they love and seeing them together. I really enjoy trying to figure out what couples can not totally articulate and make the design represent them perfectly. 

Advice for those with aspirations to get into your line of work?  
Be ready to work hard.  I am fairly certain there are few tougher jobs… and you have to really love it to the core. You also need to be incredibly detailed and know how to follow through on everything! 

Fav party trick? (Aka what's your secret sauce hosting tip?) 
To be transparent, I haven’t hosted in a while because work and the travel has been so constant BUT when I do… the drinks are flowing and perfect cocktails are very important to me. 

Dream dinner guest?
Michelle Obama 

Five items you always have in your kitchen?
Champagne, salmon, chocolate apricots, Maldon salt, peanut butter .. and dog food! 

Describe your brand/brand ethos in three words.
Seamless. Effortless. Experience.

Your last google search.
Turbulence flight forecast lol (

What are some upcoming projects you are excited about? 
There are quite a few - many that I can’t talk about.  But I will say this - they are all in amazing locations with very unique challenges.  We continue to learn everytime we work on jobs like this. 

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