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Where do you find inspiration? 
I get most inspired from every student and guest we cook with and for. La Cuisine changes constantly, and my goal is to reflect the desires and feedback of our customers in every change we make.  The happiness I derive from my work and La Cuisine's success are based on the ability to accept input from others and constantly improve.

Five items you always have in your kitchen? 
I thought you'd never ask! In order of preference (although I love and can't live without any of these items): microplane, Thermapen digital thermometer, 8" chef's knife, cake tester, cast iron skillet.

Describe your brand/brand ethos in three words. 
Community, growth, creativity

Advice for those with aspirations to get into your line of work? 
Based on my personal experience, what I would say to anyone just starting out is this: if you feel a calling to work in the food industry, jump right in and give it everything you have. It might not feel like a safe career bet, and it might sometimes feel like jumping off a cliff every day, but something brought you here for a reason. Fear of failure or of not taking a more traditional route shouldn't stop you.

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