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Meet Electric Bowery, an architecture and interior design studio hailing from the vibrant landscape of California. Our recent collaboration with this innovative firm has given rise to a nature-inspired collection that beautifully encapsulates their design ethos. Today, we are thrilled to offer you a glimpse into Electric Bowery's creative process, and spill the sauce about living a life well-lived.

Where do you find inspiration? 
We find a lot of inspiration in our everyday interests and passions, currently that is tending to our vegetable and cut flower gardens! We’ve been spending a lot of time together in Big Sur. There, we are surrounded by nature’s comfort, beauty, and energy. We are constantly in awe and inspired by the seasonal color palettes, textures, materiality, and forms of the place.

Fav party trick? (Aka what's your secret sauce hosting tip?)
Our best hosting tip is high quality ingredients combined with a low maintenance vibe, like serving caviar on a potato chip. Our secret sauce is an expected twist to a seasonal offering. We hosted a dinner last Spring with Asi Asi Projects & Disco Cubes, where we served seasonal cocktails with Leslie’s unexpected, signature ice cubes. The guests loved them and were a conversation starter! Lastly, our go-to clean up tip is Borax, always. We think it is the best stain remover for food and wine stains on linens.

Five items you always have in your kitchen? 
We love to cook and drink coffee, so it's important for us to have good quality, functional items, and tools that we use every day.
1. Well seasoned cast iron pan
2. Utilitarian pour over kettle
3. John Boos cutting board
4. Japanese carving knife
5. 1.4 kg tub of Maldon sea salt + high quality olive oil

Describe your brand/brand ethos in three words. 
Life well-lived.

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