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Fav party trick? (Aka what's your secret sauce hosting tip?) 
Arden: Magnums! We always say, why pull two corks when you can pull one? Magnums are underrated and I think people assume a magnum is too much wine or only for special occasions, but it's only 2 bottles so if you're entertaining it's fun to put a couple magnums on ice. It definitely sets the tone for a good party. I think walking into a party as a guest with a magnum is also a great way to get the party started!

Dream dinner guest? 
Margaux: Jerry Seinfeld or Larry David! 

Five items you always have in your kitchen? 
Arden: I always throw together a cheese board, whether it's just my husband and I or some friends are coming over, so I keep a few things in stock to make it easy. (1) Citrus is a really easy way to spruce up a casual cheeseboard! I usually slice an orange or lemon and fan it underneath one of the cheeses, or assemble the slices around the edges. (2) Nuts like walnuts or marcona almonds for filling the empty spaces on the cheeseboard. I also like to snack on nuts throughout the day, and frequently toss them into salads. (3) Cheese, of course! I like to have a hard cheese available, a couple semi-soft cheeses, and then a Saint Angel Triple Creme or something super creamy which I love spread onto a cracker with pepper jam! (4) Good oils are something I keep in stock as well. Olive oil, avocado oil, and toasted sesame seed oil I use frequently. Olive oil is a must for both a cheeseboard if serving bread, but in general I drizzle olive oil on almost everything from my eggs in the morning to my minestrone at night. We import Ottomani EVOO from Tuscany. This olive oil is from Impruneta & Greve in Chianti, an area just 9 miles south of Florence and traditionally known as the best region for Tuscan olive oil production. I cook most often with avocado oil and I love the warmth that toasted sesame seed oil adds to Thai fried rice.

Margaux: I agree, I always have lemons and good olive oil on hand in my kitchen! (5) In addition, quality sea salt is a must in addition to red pepper flakes for an added kick if you like spice! I cook with garlic often and I also love the way garlic looks assembled in a small bowl somewhere in my kitchen! 

Describe your brand/brand ethos in three words. 
Margaux: A lot of our consumers come to Argaux because they are looking for something elevated. Whether that be a gift, a bottle of wine to pair with dinner, or an experience. With that being said, thoughtfulness is certainly part of our brand ethos. From every bottle of wine we select for our Club Argaux seasonal shipments to the creativity that goes into our curated tasting and gift sets, our team is incredibly thoughtful. We are inspired by life's meaningful moments and how wine can elevate those moments. Wine connects the moments that matter most. Whether it’s date night, book club, or the perfect gift, a glass of wine can transform any experience.

Arden: Community is very important to us as well! We always say that we are 'your friends in wine' and we mean it. We want our consumers and members to feel a genuine connection to not only the sommeliers on our team, but the winemakers we work with as well. Food & wine is all about human connection and we believe there is nothing more powerful than genuine conversation over a glass of wine. Wine is a catalyst for so much more than the glass in front of you. Paired with food, it brings people together around a table where ideas are born and connections are made. When that happens, anything is possible. It’s our mission to connect people from all walks of life through food & wine, and the power that those two things have on our intellectual and emotional health. 

Margaux: I personally source all of our wine with our co-founder Lexi. We take our job very seriously (and have a lot of fun with it, too ;) Every bottle has a unique story — We represent real wine, made by real people that take pride in their craft and are driven by quality and authenticity. 

What are some upcoming projects you are excited about?
Arden: We're very excited about the recent addition to our Year of Firsts Collection, Year of Firsts: Baby! Our Year of Firsts! was thoughtfully curated for the moments that matter most in life. From getting engaged to saying “I Do”, having a baby or buying a house. It’s our hope that a Year of Firsts inspires you to cherish the milestones before, after, and in between life’s meaningful moments.

Margaux: I am currently on the hunt for wines to include in the Club Argaux Seasonal Summer drop! In addition, we've been working hard on our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide and we're excited about some new additions like our France Food & Wine Tasting Set! Stay tuned.

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