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Conceived, built and run by lovers and purveyors of food, Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery transports the curious on a delectable journey of mystery and desire that will elevate the baked good to a piece of comforting decadence that can be experienced every day. Mah-Ze-Dahr is the culmination of years of travel, learning, experiencing, yearning and life. Created and helmed by James Beard Foundation award nominee Umber Ahmad, Mah-Ze-Dahr creates time-honored experiences that innovate in quiet yet meaningful ways.

Their holiday panettone has arrived. Hailing from Milan, this cake-like bread celebrates the season with an abundance of golden raisins, candied citrus, almonds, hazelnuts and cocoa. Exclusive to the holiday's, panettone makes the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

This year we had the pleasure of collaborating with Mah-Ze-Dahr to create a splendid, custom-made keepsake bread bag. Sustainably-sourced and reusable, it is the gift that will keep giving long after the last nibble of panettone is gone.

A rich blue cotton twill textile was used as the base of this stunning vessel. An intricate screen print was then adorned to both sides featuring inspirational script phrases that speak to Mah-Ze-Dahr’s ethos and mission. And finally, a luxurious gold tassel was added for both aesthetic and functionality.

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