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Have you ever wondered why the only option to mix with your favorite spirit is boring old soda water or something full of sugar? AVEC has the answer with a better-for-you mixer. Made with 100% real ingredients, their deliciousness comes from the real thing – a splash of real juice, like blood orange, pineapple or yuzu, and a blend of natural botanicals from real ingredients, like lemongrass or pomelo.

We were honored to collaborate with AVEC to design custom embroidered cocktail napkins that pair perfectly with their mixers, and create a very special ready-to-drink + ready-to-gift Holiday Drink Kit.

We bordered our fan-favorite Cream Burlap textile with hunter green edging and added AVEC’s saucy glass artwork in a vibrant jalapeño hue. The result is a pretty amazing happy hour!

Discover more about the AVEC x ATELIER SAUCIER Drink Kit here!



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