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Freshen Up Your Holiday Table with a DIY Spread That’s Stylish and Sustainable

“Setting a stylish yet sustainable table for the holidays can be intimidating. But, if you’re looking to impress while keeping the planet in mind, it’s non-negotiable.

That’s why we reached out to the co-founders of Atelier Saucier. For their line of home entertaining accessories, Staci Inspektor and Nikki Reed rescue and repurpose fabrics in downtown Los Angeles, then transform them into charming napkins, table runners, and more.

“Entertaining can often feel intimidating and overwhelming, when it really should be low-lift, fun, and an expression of the host!” the pair says. “We love mixing and matching linens and tableware to create a totally unique and personalized tablescape.”

The duo gave us several tablescape tips for the holiday season, starting with a simple yet important one to remember: Have fun.

“We are obsessed with reclaimed textiles and hard-to-find fabrics including luxe linens, rich cottons, fresh denims, and sumptuous chambrays,” the duo writes on their website. “Think heirloom-quality materials that wash and wear like a dream–just like your favorite pair of jeans.”

With some help from their sustainably sourced line of one-of-a-kind linens, which are also customizable and range from cocktail napkins to placemats and more, you can put together a beautiful spread that not only looks good—but that you can feel good about, too. In addition to their small-batch process of sourcing and creation, a portion of every Atelier Saucier purchase goes to Los Angeles organizations who are benefiting food and wellness initiatives.

Here’s to taking the intimidating out of entertaining. Keep scrolling for ideas and inspiration for your next gathering.”

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