atelier saucier custom embroidered napkins for intimate wedding


When this very special bride reached out to us, she had a clear vision of the linens she was seeking for her big day. Her color palette consisted of retro-inspired hues that, from start to finish, led the design process to create these unique and alluring napkins.

The R+D phase included sampling a variety of color combinations for the custom ombre edging and selecting the perfect fabric to complement the bold trimming. We settled on a stunning mix of red + bronze threads, paired with our fan-favorite Cream Burlap textile. The couple supplied an incredible custom monogram which was embroidered in a stunning bright lavender.

At the wedding, the napkins were (according to the bride) a “HUGE hit. People brought them home they loved them so much.”

We couldn’t have been more honored to be part of this beautiful occasion!

Gorgeous wedding photography by Rosie Cohe.