ATELIER SAUCIER x Big Night embroidered cocktail napkins


If you’ve ever told your friends to come over, Big Night is for you. If anyone has ever told you to come over, Big Night is for you, too.

Not every night is a dinner party kinda night – but any night can be a Big Night. Founded by Katherine Lewin in 2021 in her own neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn; Big Night is a one-stop shop for hosting. Discover ingredients that will bring a little extra joy to every meal, pieces to make your own dining table your favorite restaurant, and gifts for every kind of person who loves to eat, cook, and/or host (especially you).

When we met Katherine in the Summer of 2021, we knew instantly that we shared a special connection, passion for all things entertaining and intense love of dirty martinis. What better way to express this than a custom cocktail napkin collaboration!

We bordered a rich denim with Big Night’s signature red, and then embellished them with multi-colored custom martini glasses. The result is a set that is perfect for enjoying drinks with friends, hostess gifting, or to accompany your nightcap.

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